The set menu

Our starters

The Crispy Egg of 29 13€
Langoustine in feuille de brick, nougatine with garlic and small salad 13€
Foie gras cooked in a bain-marie, passion fruit and passion icecream 17€

Our main courses

Rumsteak of lamb, tomato puree and aubergine, rosemary season beans and stuffed cabbage by 29 26€
Farm chicken cooked at 64°C, mashed caramelized onions, Rougié foie gras, chards, carrot 24€
Pavé of meagre, asparagus, mussels and mussels foam 26€

Our desserts

French AOP cheeses served with homemade crackers 11€
Chocolate millefeuille, pistachio ice cream 12€
Manguo soufflé and homemade chocolate ice cream 16€
Poached apricots with vanilla, sliced ​​almonds and earl grey ice cream 12€